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A collection of Minecraft Discord Avatars

This collection of Minecraft Discord avatars are based on the video game Minecraft, which has surged in popularity in recent years. We’ve put together a collection of avatars for you to use for your Discord profile picture or Discord server picture.

What is Minecraft?

The Minecraft game allows players the ability to create and break up three-dimensional blocks in a three-dimensional world. There are two main modes in the game:

  • Creative Mode
  • Survival Mode

During the game, players search for food and supplies. There are also creatures in block form that move around and pass by from time to time. Some can harm the player, and others are killed and used for food.

Minecraft can be downloaded from the website www.minecraft.net and comes in the Sandbox genre, which simply means that the player can roam freely in their world, and there is not a plot or level to play. The player can create their world from scratch and build it any way they want.

While playing the game, a player will see that their world is made up of dirt, obsidian, cobblestone, and lava water. A player will dig and explore natural cave-like systems, which will result in finding iron, diamond, gold, and more. Each stone or metal can have a specific benefit that can be used to create something else.

The player will also run into daytime and nighttime cycles. The player must put himself or herself to bed and wait for daylight to come.

Common Platforms to Find Minecraft On

Common platforms to play Minecraft on will depend on what the individual player wants to achieve in the game. Bedrock is the best if you’re going to play with friends. This platform is a cross-platform, which makes it easy to play with multiple players.

Personal computers, consoles, and pocket edition versions are available. When considering a platform, a player may want to choose a computer version for easier maneuvering of the game. With this version, it is updated more easily, and it is user-friendly as well. With the PC version of the game, a player may find that there are fewer limitations with items, the size of the world, and the world comes together more smoothly without glitches.

The pocket edition or mobile edition of Minecraft makes it easier for the gamer to take on the go. This game can be purchased for a small price and downloaded onto the system. Once downloaded, the player can play the game on or offline and create their world. The downside to this edition is that there are fewer setting options available, skins available for the characters, and resource packs. Of course, the screen size is also going to be an issue as well; however this edition will allow you to play the game even when you are on the go.

The console editions of Minecraft include PlayStation 3 and 4, as well as XBOX One and XBOX 360. When playing from a console, a player will be able to compare it to the feel of the computer version with just a few differences. One difference is the world size. While the consoles may limit the world by block map, the computer version contains an infinite world.

Minecraft: Pi Edition

There is also the PI Edition which is of interest to someone who likes computer coding and programming. In order to get started with this version, you simply need a Raspberry Pi. When playing the PI Edition, the player will find that they have access to multiple programming languages to enhance the game or to challenge the skills.

Minecraft’s Developers and Producer History

Minecraft was developed by Mojang Studios and created by Markus “Notch” Perssons. It was released in 2011 in the Sandbox Genre.

Other well known games released by Mojang include:

  • Caller’s Bane in 2014 available in the digital collectible card game genre. It was released on the Android, macOS, and Microsoft Windows platforms.
  • Crown and Council in 2016 available in the strategy genre. Platforms available for this game include Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS.
  • Minecraft Classic in 2019 in the Sandbox genre. It’s available on the browser platform.
  • Minecraft Earth in 2019 in the augmented reality genre. Available in Android and iOS platforms.
  • Minecraft Dungeons in 2020 in the dungeon crawler genre. Available in Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One platform.

Why Players Love &Hate Minecraft

Everyone who plays or has played the game of Minecraft has their own opinion about it. The most common reasons for loving or hating the game is:

  • LOVE: the game allows players of any age to explore a new world with no time frame or limitations. It allows players to be creative at their own level. There is no pressure to reach the end, to create a specific building, to dodge bullets getting from point A to point B.
  • LOVE: It allows a player to sharpen their problem-solving skills. There are certain modes in the game where a player needs to find food to stay healthy and find supplies to build a shelter.
  • HATE: Minecraft can be very addictive.
  • HATE: There are monsters in Minecraft, and you know they are there, but you are busy building or digging, and before you know it, they are there. A player will need to fight the monsters in survival mode to survive. The player will also need to kill animals to survive in survival mode as well.

In-game Minecraft Avatars and Skins

You can personalize your avatar as you go along further into the game by adding different skins. Once you choose a skin, you can keep that skin indefinitely or you can switch back and forth. You don’t lose your skins once you have them.

Minecraft Discord Avatars

Looking for a special Minecraft Avatar to spruce up your Discord profile or to use elsewhere, such as a forum? Browse our batch of Minecraft Discord avatars and download your next profile picture!