How to Join Discord Servers

How to Join Discord Servers

Why should you Join Discord Servers?

There are a plethora of ways to Join Discord servers available. We want to take some time today to help you find and join your new favorite community.

Ever consider joining a community full of people who mutually love the same subject as you? If so, you’re in luck! Not only will you benefit from having a forum-like environment with text channels, but you’ll also have voice channels to discuss your favorite topics verbally. 

These are just some of the many pluses to joining a server. With that in mind, what are some of the ways we can join a Discord Server?

Joining via an Invite URL

Specific servers may require you to have an invite URL to join it. If you have an invite URL available, highlight it, right-click it and press “copy.” Within Discord, scroll down on the bottom left of the servers list and click on the “+” icon. 

When you do this, you’ll have two options. Click the one on the right that says, “Join a Server.” Now you will be prompted to insert your invite URL. Right-click and press the “paste” option. Click the join button on the bottom right, and you’ll have successfully joined a server!

Joining by a Direct Message

Sometimes you’ll need to have someone specifically invite you to a Discord server that isn’t public by requesting an invite link. If someone sends you a direct message with an invite link, click the “join” button, and you’re in!

Join Discord Servers via Direct Message

Joining a Public Server

Public servers are much easier to join compared to their private counterparts. Scroll down to the compass at the bottom left of Discord, and you’ll see a compass symbol.

Click that, and you’ll see several panels showing various communities along with a search bar to find them. Click on the Discord community of your choice, and you will have now joined that server.

Joining Outside of Discord

On the social media and streaming side of the internet, Discord servers may require a different approach to join them.

Joining a Server Through Twitch

Twitch streamers often have a panel toward the bottom of their channel with a list of hyperlinks, and one commonly included link their Discord server. 

Clicking on the image associated with the link or the actual link itself will generally give you a public invite to the server. 

Another example that applies to Twitch is that some streamers offer a command to link to the server in chat. Usually, it is ! Discord, although it’s always good to ask the streamer first!

Joining Through Youtube and Twitter

For example, Youtube can sometimes have a Discord link in the video description to help foster more interactivity.

Twitter users can opt to have their Discord Server available in their biography or in a pinned tweet. If there is a URL available, click it, and you will have joined the server.

Joining New Discord Communities

Join Discord Servers via the Discover Tool

Joining a Discord Server is fun, but it can give you an avenue to meet and hang with awesome people across the net. Every Discord server has a unique feeling, and a Discord server can quickly become your home away from home.

Some of the best ways to find Discord servers are free and easy to use and can be a lot of fun. There are some great resources out there for locating communities that center around your interests and there are now millions of Discord servers to discover.

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