How to Find Discord Servers

How to Find Discover Servers

Discover Your Next Discord Community

Salutations friends, today we want to embark on a journey to find various Discord servers. Doing this will help us participate in some of our favorite communities across both gaming and media, and open the pathway to other communities that are taking advantage of the Discord platform. Discord servers are an evolution of forums, where users can join and participate in various text and voice channels belonging to individual communities. 

Finding Discord Servers

When setting out to find a Discord server, there are many options available to you. The possibilities are endless if you’d like to explore the different Discord servers accessible through the application publicly or find private communities across the web.

One of the simplest ways to find a Discord server is within the application itself. Scroll to the bottom of your server list, and you will notice a compass icon on the bottom left that says, “Explore Public Servers.” Click on this icon, and it will take you to a new screen.

Discord - Explore Public Servers

Browsing Popular Discord Communities

You’ll find the words “Discover” in the top left and will see a large search bar used to find different servers. Below the search bar, you will see several communities to choose from, such as Minecraft, Fortnite, and many more. These popular Discord communities will always be displayed below, and the home screen offers Discord servers from each genre.

Discord - Discover Tab

On the left side of the screen, you will see several tabs for different genres. Let’s go ahead and click on the “Gaming” tab.

You will notice that the panels below have updated to only include servers from various gaming communities. There are genres for music, technology, movies, and yes, even anime.

Searching Deeper for Discord Servers

Sometimes our interests may lie outside of the mainstream. Thankfully the search bar has us covered. Head back to the home tab on the left side of the screen and click the icon. On the home page, we can search for a Discord community within any top-level genre.

For example, let’s type in “Final Fantasy.” We should now see over ten results, with each of them categorized appropriately.

Discord - Community Search Bar

Near the top, there are options such as “gaming, general chatting, and wiki & guide.” By clicking these categories, they can help further filter the results down what you are seeking.

Finding Servers Outside of Discord

Apart from the ability to discover Discord servers within the application itself, there are websites dedicated to finding and displaying community servers. Websites such as and are great alternatives to finding even more Discord servers. Below you’ll find a brief overview of each site. Server Browser

When you first arrive on Disboard’s site, you’ll be greeted with a search bar and various categories to click on. Let’s use the search bar to find something more obscure.

Let’s type in “Persona.” You will now see several results to choose from, which relate to said subject.

If we want to dive deeper, we can head back to the main menu to click categories, which will allow us to browse more servers. Each server will each have a unique description and set of user reviews to help you further decide which ones to join.

Check them out at Server Browser

Similar to Disboard, also offers various categories of Discord servers and provides a search bar to complement it. 

When using the search bar this time around, let us type in “esports.”

You’ll notice a brief description for each server is displayed, along with the perks and fun events that occur in each as well. You will also be able to view servers of a similar nature when browsing with

There are other fun features built into the site, such as the random server button feature. Using this feature, you never know what type of Discord servers you’ll discover.

Check them out at

New Discord Communities Are Waiting For You

Discord communities are an excellent way of meeting fun, like-minded individuals. There are millions of them out there and the number is only growing. There’s something for just about everyone.

We hope this guide will help you in your exploration of new Discord servers and communities while browsing both inside the application and outside of it.