How to Create a Discord Server Invite Link

How to Create a Discord Server Invite Link

This tutorial will go over how to create an instant invite link to your Discord server so that you can send it to your family and friends for them to access your server. This process is quite simple, easy to understand, and quick to repeat once you know the basic steps. We’ll cover how-to-do this on both the desktop and mobile Discord clients so that everyone is covered!

The Types of Discord Server Invite Links

On Discord, there are various different options to choose from when setting up an invite link. By default an invite link expires after 24 hours, but there are also additional options to make the invitation links permanent and those that can be either but are limited to the number of people who can join through. There is also an option that will remove users from the Discord server after they close the application.

Creating a Discord Server Invite Link on the Desktop Client

Here we go over the required steps in order to create an invite link and show the variations in the settings. You can follow along with this guide, no matter which Operating System you’re using since Discord is typically universal with its design pattern.

Sending Discord Invite Links - Step 1

As highlighted above, to create a new Discord invite link you must first hover over the channel you wish for your friends to join into, by selecting on the emote as seen in the photo above.

Once selected; you will be greeted with the following screen:

Sending Discord Invite Links - Step 2

Here; we have highlighted the features of the invite manager.

Firstly; Discord has made it very easy to invite your most recently talked-to friends, by simply selecting the ‘Invite’ button next to their name. If instead, you wish to send them a custom invite, select the ‘Edit invite link’ button.

Once selected; you will see the following screen:

Sending Discord Invite Links - Step 3

As seen above; you can choose when the invite link can expire, set the maximum users allowed to join through the invite, and if you would like to grant users temporary membership to the server, so after they disconnect, they will be kicked.

Then; once your options are chosen, simply select the ‘Generate a New Link’ button.

Creating a Discord Server Invite Link on the Mobile Client

On the mobile app, the process is almost identical. Instead of hovering over the channel to create an invite, simply press and hold the channel to see the following screen:

Sending Discord Invite Links - Step 4

Once here; select the ‘Invite’ option that appears, to be greeted with this screen:

Sending Discord Invite Links - Step 5

As you can see, all the options are here as previously discussed above. In order to create a custom invite link here, you must select the gear icon next to the Copy Share Link at the top, to be given this screen:

Sending Discord Invite Links - Step 6

Finally; you’re given the screen to edit the invite link settings, once you’ve chosen your desired settings, select a save at the top then copy and paste the invite link displayed on your screen.

Wrapping It Up

With that, you can now create Discord server invitation links to your friends, on both the mobile and desktop clients of Discord. It’s a fairly straight forward process, but one thing to remember is the duration length of your invite links, as if the expiration date is set to expire, the link will no longer work past that point.

So if you plan on using the link for a more permanent purpose, don’t forget to set it as such! Best of luck sending invites to your favorite Discord servers.