How to add a Discord Avatar

How to add a Discord avatar

Add a Discord Avatar to Your Profile

We will go over the required steps in order to add an avatar to your Discord profile picture (PFP), so when engaging within communities on the platform, they can get a sense of your personality and interests.

Supported File-Types

  • .GIF Animated Images
  • .JPEG, PNG file type

In order to unlock a .GIF Profile Picture, Discord requires you to be a premium Nitro member. This requires a paid monthly subscription, which unlocks many other features, including the ability to add an animated PFP.

Image Size Requirements

  • 128 pixels by 128 pixels

The default Discord profile picture size is 128 px by 128 px. This is the upper limit of the largest photo you’re able to upload for a PFP. Discord can shrink and auto-crop images if you upload a larger sized photo. If you upload a smaller photo, however, it can cause image stretching and appear at a lower quality.

Adding a Discord Avatar

Here we will go over the steps required to add your avatar to the Discord platform, we will show steps for the following desktop operating systems: (Windows/OSX/Linux) and for mobile platforms: (Android/OSX).

Adding Discord Avatars for Desktop Clients

The desktop client is universal in its layout throughout the different operating systems, we will provide guidance using the application on a Windows system. However; if you’re using Linux or OSX you can still follow along.

Navigate your cursor to the bottom left-hand corner of Discord, here we’ve attached a photo of the user bar, this displays your name, personal identifier and what we’re looking for, the avatar. Select the gear icon to then be displayed the following:

Gear Icon

Then; once navigated to this page, select the edit button, which we have highlighted red in the following screenshot:

Once selected, new options will appear on your screen. Options to change your username, email or password and also options to disable or delete your account, so take care when in this stage of our guidance.

Hover over your avatar, a message will then display ‘Change Avatar’, select and then depending on your operating system, in our case Windows 10, file explorer will appear.

Choose the image you wish to change your PFP to, then select save located at the bottom left-hand corner. If your image meets the requirements mentioned above, then it will be successfully added or re-sized if possible.

Change Avatar

Adding a Discord Avatar for Mobile Clients

Like Desktop clients, the application on mobile is universal between Android or IOS devices. For this section of the tutorial, we will be using an iPhone using IOS, however, if you’re using Android the steps are the exact same and you may still follow along.

Once you open the Discord application, select the highlighted avatar at the bottom right-hand side, once selected you will be given the option to choose which image you wish to make your PFP. Compared to Desktop, mobile is a lot more user-friendly for changing your PFP.

Edit Button on Mobile Clients