84 Final Fantasy VII: Remake Avatars

Final Fantasy VII: Remake Discord Avatars

A collection of Final Fantasy VII: Remake Discord Avatars

This collection of Final Fantasy VII: Remake Discord avatars are based on the popular Square Enix video game. Final Fantasy VII: Remake, which has taken the hearts of many gamers can select from a variety of avatars we’ve collected for use in your Discord profile picture.

What is Final Fantasy VII: Remake?

Square Enix redefines the meaning of a remake in the popular video game title Final Fantasy VII: Remake. The game is one of the most remarkable and most impressive remakes in the history of video games. The original Final Fantasy VII is considered a masterpiece, but this new version elevates everything on modern software. The graphics, story, features, and style are the perfect ingredients for this fantastic game. Square Enix delivered Final Fantasy VII: Remake on March 2nd, 2020.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake is only available on the PlayStation 4. The game is an exclusive title for the PlayStation 4 until April 2021. There is a possibility of Square Enix releasing Final Fantasy VII: Remake on the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch after that date. Square Enix has not made an announcement at this time.

Game Development

Square Enix started development for Final Fantasy VII: Remake in 2015, and it took the team five years to complete the game. Due to a large amount of content, the developer decided to divide the game into multiple parts. Final Fantasy VII: Remake is only part one in the series. There has not been an announcement for the release date for the sequel.

The game’s producer is the legendary Yoshinori Kitase. He is the director of the original game on the PlayStation 1. He also directed the successful Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger. Yoshinori Kitase is one of the most influential figures in RPGs. The games that he touches become gold, and Final Fantasy VII: Remake is a testimony to that statement.

The Plot

Final Fantasy VII: Remake is not a remake, despite the word being in the title. The game occurs in an alternate universe from the original PlayStation 1 version, with a similar plot. There are many key differences between the two. For example, the final boss, Sephiroth, attacks the party in the remake sooner than the original game.

Furthermore, the game’s story follows our main protagonist, Cloud, and his comrades. Their goal is to defeat the evil organization, Shinra Electric Power Company. The company is draining the life of the planet for energy. They are harming the environment, and Cloud must stop this mad type of energy. On top of that, Sephiroth becomes a significant threat to destroy the world.


Final Fantasy VII: Remake features a different battle system from its original game. The game has a unique battle system of action-base and Active Time Battle. Combat occurs in real-time. Players control one member of the party and may switch control to another party member. The A.I. initiates the actions of the other party members.

This choice for a battle system was a great decision by Square Enix. It adds more tension and action in combat. Players have more interactions with characters, enemies, and the environment. It is the perfect combination of strategy and action.

One of the best features is the new system for Limit Break. These attacks look beautiful in action. Limit Breaks are powerful attacks that deal massive damage in battle. Each character has his or her own Limit Break as a powerful technique in combat. Players charge the meter to prepare the attack!

Amazing Soundtrack

The composers did a fantastic job of remixing the original themes from Final Fantasy VII. Some players may argue the music is the game’s best highlight. More personality and exciting beats were added to the game’s legendary themes. The Airbuster (Those Who Fight Further) and One Winged Angel – Rebirth sound great during battles.

The Low Point

The game’s biggest disappointment is Sephiroth not having an impact on the game. All three battles against him are lackluster moments. He is not chatty during the fights, and that is very odd from him. The famous villain is known for his grand speeches of his personal beliefs. The franchise’s most popular villain deserves better storytelling.


The most common memes of the game feature Jessie and Cloud. Jessie flirts with Cloud throughout the game. Fans have created memes of the girl showing her affection to the series’s most popular protagonist. There is a famous scene of Jessie kissing Cloud on his cheek. Unfortunately, Jessie dies in Cloud’s arms, and we will never know if they would have started a romantic relationship.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake Discord Avatars