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Animal Crossing New Horizons Discord Avatars

What is Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Animal Crossing New Horizons is a video game series by Nintendo with New Horizons being the latest entry. Ever wanted to take a tropical getaway just to enjoy a new home? Today we’ll be doing just that with some Animal Crossing New Horizons Discord Avatars!

The latest entry in the Animal Crossing series has players venturing to a tropical island to establish their new dream home. Animal Crossing falls under the life simulation genre similar to games like “The Sims” but with a hint of the survival genre thrown in.

Players are tasked with furnishing their homes along with collecting resources to help them build new tools to expand the different regions of the island further.

Which Platform and Who Developed it?

Released on March 20, 2020, you can find Animal Crossing New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch. As a first-party game developed in house by Nintendo, there are multiple references to their past works within Animal Crossing. Several cameos include hats and costumes from their other series, such as:

Main Features

Animal Crossing offers several main mechanics for players to delve into. One of the main draws involves accessorizing both your home and avatar with various pieces of furniture and clothing you can find around the island.

In addition to that, players will be able to earn various forms of currency by selling goods to help further upgrade their homes. Whether you’re fishing, bug catching, or digging up fossils to donate to the museum, there’s always something to do in Animal Crossing.

What do Players Think About Animal Crossing?

Understanding what works in Animal Crossing is crucial in knowing whether the game is for you. Here are some key strengths and weaknesses of New Horizons.

  • Pro – Customization: The sheer amount of options players have at their disposal is simply staggering. With enough time and artistic endeavors, your town can look nearly identical to 16-bit games of yesteryear.
  • Pro – Freedom: With no deadline to pay off your mortgage, the island is your own personal playground to experiment with as you please.
  • Pro – Relaxation: It’s hard not to recognize how peaceful New Horizons can be. There’s something oddly meditative about some late-night island fishing that is impossible to replicate.
  • Con – Time Sensitive: One issue that’s been prevalent since the series inception is that certain buildings are inaccessible during certain hours. Given that the game uses real-time, this can mean that night owls may have limited opportunities to use key functions such as Tom Nook’s store.
  • Con – Events Can Overstay Their Welcome: Certain events such as Easter offer a unique item that players can collect during a certain time-frame. These items can replace things that players may normally try to collect, such as fish, which can make things harder for completionists.
  • Con – Not Completionist Friendly: Given the sheer volume of items and how the game operates on a real-time schedule, 100 percent New Horizons can take years to get a complete file.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Avatars

If there’s any one thing that Animal Crossing emphasizes, it’s that expression is essential. These curated Discord avatars can help you get one step closer to embracing that same creative freedom that New Horizons offers.